A hydrogen exploration business launches with industry-leading IP & targeted tenements

The world’s largest hydrogen conglomerate, United H2 Limited (“UHL”), has formed a hydrogen exploration business, Voyager H2 Limited, with a group of globally renowned engineering partners, whose industry-leading IP will change how we think about the oil & gas industry.
The deal will see Voyager H2 utilise its cutting-edge patent-pending hydrogen exploration technology to capitalise on the lucrative hydrogen deposits available across Poland and other European regions along with Africa, South America, North America and Australia.
With its first hydrogen exploration unit being prepared for manufacture and a commercial pilot program, Voyager H2 will seek to secure tenements in Poland where there is potentially an estimated one billion tonnes of hydrogen sitting in underground deposits.

Commercial highlights:

  • Preliminary geographical surveys have found there are potentially an estimated one billion tonnes of hydrogen sitting in underground deposits across Poland.
  • Voyager H2’s patent-pending IP is being prepared for the manufacture of its first prototype and commercial pilot program.
  • The groundbreaking technology has the potential to deliver industry-leading accuracy when surveying for potential hydrogen deposits.
  • The business model will see it secure tenements and produce its own hydrogen while licensing its technology to other exploration businesses and entering into a shared profits scheme.
  • Natural hydrogen has the potential to provide the cheapest form of this clean fuel, with some studies showing it is three or four times cheaper than creating the gas through electrolysis from renewable energy.
  • Captures helium as a valuable by-product which can be sold for ~US$84 per kilogram.

Technology highlights:

  • The patent-pending Hydro Helium Manifestor System is a unique technology for detecting natural hydrogen and helium deposits.
  • The system of 1,000 ground sensors analyses soil gases in real-time and sends data dozens of times a day to a central computer.
  • The computer uses a proprietary algorithm — analysing data continuously — to identify specific patterns that indicate a high probability of hydrogen deposits.
  • The system takes into account geological data and the permeability of rock layers.
  • Is able to determine whether a given gas migration channel, including hydrogen, is open or closed.
  • The projection will use radioactive tracers occurring naturally in the Earth’s crust.
The spatial model of the geological structure of Poland shows the region has the potential to have hydrogen-rich deposits underground.
Through its technology and team of experts, Voyager H2 believes it is well-placed to revolutionise the oil & gas industry and deliver a commercially viable avenue to the mass adoption of clean hydrogen.
Supporting this emerging industry, S&P Global Insights recently reported that “If there were 10 million megatons of natural hydrogen and we could find 2% or 3%, that could potentially supply all the world’s demand for hydrogen for hundreds of years.”
Moving forward, Voyager H2 will run a pilot program in Poland in 2024 to prove its concept to the market and is seeking investors who want to be a part of this journey.
The Company’s goal is to secure its own tenements so it can begin producing hydrogen while also seeking to license its technology to partners across the globe and engage in a profit-sharing scheme.
United H2 Limited Chairman, Richard Allen says:
“United H2 Limited is thrilled to embark on an exciting journey as partners in Voyager H2. We plan to leverage the cutting-edge IP in Voyager H2’s technology to become industry leaders in a space set to redefine how we think about oil & gas exploration. Natural hydrogen is a proven resource, with an African village, Bourakébougou, being completely powered by hydrogen after a deposit was found and the well was opened for the production of hydrogen.”
“Through this, our mission is to deliver a commercially viable avenue to producing hydrogen. S&P Global Insights recognises the transformative potential, stating that uncovering even a fraction of natural hydrogen deposits could sustain global demand for hundreds of years.”
Please contact Voyager H2 today if you would like to get involved in this exciting venture.

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