Australian Federal Government makes $24b green energy superpower bet with $8b funding to back Hydrogen as the Fuel of the Future 

Hydrogen has emerged as the leading contender to spearhead Australia’s transition to a carbon-free economy, following the announcement of a new $6.7b Australian tax-credit subsidy and additional programs which are estimated to cost the Federal Government $8b.

Key budget highlights:

  • The Australian Government will pay hydrogen developers $2 per kilo of green H2 over a ten-year period, starting from 2027 totalling $6.7b in funding.
  • $1.3b has been added to the Hydrogen Headstart programme for renewable hydrogen projects over ten years which will bridge the green premium for early-mover renewable hydrogen projects.
  • $17.1m has been set aside to implement Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy. 
  • $32.3m to support the expansion of green metals and low-carbon liquid fuels.
  • $15.4m for “foundational activities to support the development of green metals production”.
  • A separate budget document also states that a further $1.7b will be set aside for the “Future Made in Australia Innovation Fund”.
  • $10m has been set aside in 2025-26 to establish a National Hydrogen Technology Skills Training Centre, in partnership with the Victoria state government.
As Australia’s only hydrogen conglomerate, with 30-plus projects and companies, UHL is excited to see the Australian Government support this rapidly emerging sector.
We believe this is a critical moment for the hydrogen industry, as it delivers the funding and backing required to become the leading green energy solution.
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