Australia’s First Industrial-scale Biochar Producer Launches Capital Raise

Pure Biochar has today launched a 300k capital raise via the online platform VCEX to fund the initial stages of developing Australia’s first industrial-scale biochar production plant.

The company’s goal is to become Australia’s first mass-producer of biochar, which will allow them to deliver this revolutionary product to the Australian market and surrounding Asian regions where it is already established.

Once permits to build the facility are approved, Pure Biochar intends to seek a planned listing on a favourable exchange in February 2023 to finance the construction of the production plant, which they aim to be commercially operational in Q4 2023.

To support this, the company is already in talks to form offtake agreements with potential biomass suppliers and customers wanting to purchase biochar.

Many case studies have shown that carbon from biochar leads to significant CO2 savings and can avoid a large portion of direct emissions, which is why the company will be targeting high-value, carbon-intensive industries.

Target markets:

  • Steel/iron production: As a renewable fuel source, biochar is gaining interest as an alternative to coal and coke in steel/iron making.
  • Building materials: Studies have further shown that biochar-containing building materials have a great potential for carbon footprint reduction.
  • Agriculture: Biochar-based compound fertilisers have been proven to enhance crop yields and modify soil properties, which is why there is now commercial production across the globe.

With limited shares available, get in quick so you don’t miss out on this seed level opportunity!

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