Australia’s First Industrial-scale Biochar Producer

Don’t miss out on investing in Australia’s first mass-producer of biochar, which is seeking to construct a state-of-the-art production facility so they can deliver this revolutionary product to the steel/iron making, construction/building materials and agriculture industries.

Many case studies have shown that biochar offers a commercially viable avenue to decarbonisation, which is why the company will be targeting these high-value, carbon-intensive sectors.
Once permits to build the facility are approved, Pure Biochar intends to seek a planned listing on a favourable exchange in February 2023 to finance the construction of the production plant, which they aim to be commercially operational in Q4 2023.

Investment Highlights:

Utility in large industries

Potential to decarbonise the agriculture, construction/building materials and steel/iron making industries, which have a collective market size of US$11t.

Developing a client base

The company is in talks with large steel/iron companies about helping them reduce their use of coal and coke. The company is also in discussion with potential agriculture customers looking for an affordable alternative to fertiliser.

First to market

Pure Biochar will be the first, industrial-scale biochar producer in the Australian market, which creates the opportunity to form large, long-term contracts.

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