Aviation H2 was established to provide hydrogen solutions for the aviation market

Australia has been provided a boost to the decarbonisation of the aviation sector with a new company being established aiming to break into the hydrogen-fuelled aircraft market.
Aviation H2 is developing green hydrogen technology which could serve aviation applications and decarbonise the aerospace market.
Based in Sydney, Aviation H2’s mission is to empower companies, both domestically and internationally, by leveraging the latest in renewable hydrogen technology, helping the industry transition to a sustainable energy strategy.
Aviation H2 is owned and funded by Liberty Energy Capital with the group looking for exciting new innovations in the hydrogen market to support the transition to zero emissions.
The company is backing state-of-the-art technical solutions that will play a pivotal role in decarbonising the aviation industry.
A spokesman from the company said, “Hydrogen is the fuel of the future. It is viewed as one of the most viable options for decarbonising the transport industry, which accounts for over one-fifth of global carbon emissions.
As net-zero becomes the universal standard among western governments, hydrogen is estimated to grow into a global market worth $201bn by 2025.
“As the West continues to minimise carbon pollution, we are providing a solution for a sector that makes up 2% of global emissions.
“Aviation H2 has been founded on a shared vision to harness the power of renewable energy to take the aviation sector into industry 5.0.”
Source: This article has originally appeared on H2 View

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