First commercial units being manufactured for field testing with potential customers

H2i’s ultra-high-tech ‘black box’ system which has the software to manage the injection of hydrogen into a diesel generator.
H2i Technology has begun the process of manufacturing ten commercial-ready hydrogen enhancement systems via its production partner in Victoria, which it will use for field testing on potential customers’ sites.
Due to be completed in March, H2i Technology is planning trials with five potential customers with multiple diesel engines across the steel manufacturing, agriculture, construction, mining and hospitality/tourism industries.
“This is an important step forward for H2i Technology,” says Chairman, David Vinson. “The first manufacturing run of ready-for-market units has begun, and we have interested parties wanting to start field testing once they are available.”
“Once the on-site testing is complete, we are confident we will be able to convert these field testing agreements into sales contracts and begin working with customers to decarbonise their diesel value chain.”
The Company says successful commercial trials in late 2022 showed diesel engines using its system could reduce carbon emissions by 300 tonnes per year and potentially cut fuel usage by up to 20%.
“We believe we can achieve commercialisation quickly as the companies we are speaking with are looking for a right now solution to reducing emissions — our hydrogen enhancement system delivers on this.”
Since releasing its commercial test results, H2i Technology’s hydrogen enhancement system, which has the hardware and proprietary software to manage the injection of hydrogen into a diesel engine to reduce emissions, has received enquiries from across the globe.

“Four of the Companies we will be conducting field testing with are based in Australia, while the other is in the Middle East.”

“Businesses worldwide are very interested in the fact our system can significantly extend the operational life, reduce emissions, cut fuel costs and optimise the efficiency of their existing diesel infrastructure.”
Moving forward, the Company says its key focus will be to secure more field testing opportunities and convert them to sales agreements.
Once customers have been secured, H2i Technology will begin to seek a listing on a favourable exchange to finance increasing its global expansion.
The Company will also develop its software further, so it has utility in mobility diesel engines and other fuel sources, which is due to be ready-for-market for off-road vehicles midway through 2023 and on-road vehicles at the end of the year.

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