Group Update: UHL has its eyes set on growth

As the world’s largest hydrogen conglomerate moves towards a planned listing, it intends to grow its portfolio value, which consists of 37 hydrogen companies and projects covering all sections of the market from production through to end-use.

United H2 Limited’s (UHL) unique business model involves collaborating with technical partners to establish companies focused on developing technology for the rapidly expanding hydrogen sector.

With these partners, UHL actively builds and nurtures these businesses to generate substantial returns within a time frame of 18-24 months.

UHL provides investors with the opportunity to benefit from its proven strategy, which has generated over $650m in market capitalisation across 11 hydrogen companies and $24m in exits, with each company starting from a zero valuation.

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See below an update on UHL and the revolutionary hydrogen companies it is working with its partners to develop.

Titan Hydrogen announces fuel cell breakthrough

100 watt PEM fuel cell and controller used to test Titan Hydrogen's novel design.

Titan Hydrogen, a leading innovator in fuel cell technology, is excited to announce the commencement of testing for a groundbreaking technical breakthrough.

After a successful 12-month period of lab trials on single PEM fuel cells, Titan Hydrogen has commenced testing a commercial fuel cell stack employing a novel class of polymer-inorganic composite nano-materials, which has the potential to provide an economically viable avenue to enhancing fuel cell performance.

Under the guidance of Dr Andrew Dicks, the Company’s Chief Technology Officer, the new material is currently being synthesised at the Queensland University of Technology. The primary objective is to optimise the design and achieve peak performance.

Once this milestone is reached, the testing will be scaled up to real-world conditions.

The nano-material offers a cost-effective design for manufacturers to build fuel cells, which will allow Titan Hydrogen to address one of its biggest challenges in the fuel cell industry — economic barriers in production.

This advancement represents a significant step forward for Titan Hydrogen, as it creates an avenue for commercialising its fuel cell technology.

Given this, Titan Hydrogen is on track to deliver a patented technology that has the potential to increase fuel cell efficiency by 40-60 per cent. Once successful, this will position Titan Hydrogen’s product as one of the best-performing solutions on the market.

Independent analysts reveal a substantial market of 20 million diesel generators for H2i Technology

H2i’s ultra-high-tech ‘black box’ system has the software to manage the injection of hydrogen into a diesel generator.

Independent analysts, Gordon Capital, have reviewed opportunities for H2i Technology’s hydrogen enhancement system and have found a significant addressable market for its product.

Overall, the research showed there are 20 million diesel generators worldwide that are suitable for its attachable kit, which has proprietary software to manage the injection of hydrogen into a diesel engine to significantly reduce emissions and fuel costs.

The Company believes the market for bridging technology is untapped and presents a large opportunity, with demand for H2i’s technology reflected in the 200-plus enquiries it has received across Africa, Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia, since March 2022.

New Deloitte report forecasts the green hydrogen market to be worth US$1.4 trillion by 2050

The world’s largest hydrogen conglomerate, UHL, is thrilled about the findings from the new Deloitte report, which forecasts the green hydrogen market to be worth US$1.4 trillion by 2050.

Key highlights:

  • Decisive climate action can make green hydrogen competitive within the next decade and support around 2 million jobs globally each year between 2030 and 2050.
  • Decarbonising hard-to-abate sectors like steelmaking, chemicals, aviation and shipping will likely require global hydrogen use to grow six-fold, to nearly 600 million tons, by 2050.
  • Over US$9 trillion of cumulative investments in the global clean hydrogen supply chain will be needed to help meet the world’s net-zero targets by 2050.

National H2’s technology aligns with the CSIRO’s mission to end plastic waste

National H2 is thrilled with the recent release of the CSIRO’s book, “Ending Plastic Waste,” as it marks a significant milestone in the collective efforts to combat plastic pollution.

As a company developing waste-plastic-to-hydrogen plants across the APAC region, National H2 are excited about CSIRO’s commitment to reducing plastic waste in the environment.

Though, the Company would like to see the CSIRO explore more waste-plastic-to-energy technologies like National H2’s, which delivers an innovative solution to the waste, climate, and energy challenges Australia faces.

National H2’s primary mission is to provide a ‘right now’ solution to these challenges through a proven plastic-to-hydrogen technology, which its technical partner will supply.

The Company’s state-of-the-art plants will have the capacity to process 14,400 tonnes of non-recyclable waste plastics annually, producing over 1,000 tonnes of clean hydrogen.

National H2 believes this aligns with one of the CSIRO’s goals which is to apply “circular economy principles to generate effective solutions for plastics recycling and reuse across the supply chain, including niche industry solutions, decision support systems, sustainable textiles, and developing value-added products and feedstock from waste plastics.”

Springer Nature Group study shows US$11 trillion at risk during the energy transition

A study by Springer Nature Group indicates net-zero policies could render up to 50% of fossil fuel assets to be worthless by 2036, which may result in US$11trn disappearing from the economy and potentially placing significant strain on the global financial system.

As it stands, fossil fuel dependent companies which do not adopt plans to manage the transition to clean energy risk losing large contracts, a decline in stakeholder support and in some cases going into administration.

Given these challenges, H2i Technology’s mission is to provide a cost-effective carbon reduction technology that can protect the investments that have been made in fossil fuel assets and assist in an economically sustainable transition to net zero.

“H2i Technology’s hydrogen enhancement system provides a ‘right now’ emissions and fuel reduction solution for operators of diesel-powered assets while also delivering a commercially viable avenue to commence meeting the rapidly shifting net-zero requirements,” says H2i Technology Chairman, David Vinson.

The International Air Transport Association’s road map to net zero highlights hydrogen as a critical contributor

Aviation H2 Director, Dr Helmut Mayer, explains modifying a jet engine, so it operates off carbon-free fuels.

Aviation H2 is thrilled with the recent release of the roadmap to net zero by The International Air Transport Association (IATA). The report provides a clear pathway for achieving carbon neutrality in the aviation sector. Notably, the report highlights hydrogen as a key avenue to achieving this monumental goal.

With IATA representing approximately 83% of global air traffic, its recognition of hydrogen as a vital solution is a significant endorsement of the technology Aviation H2 is developing.

Aviation H2 has strategically chosen liquid ammonia as its preferred hydrogen carrier. By converting existing jets to utilise liquid ammonia, the Company aims to overcome the challenges associated with hydrogen storage and transportation.

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