H2i Technology Is Taking Order Interests Due to a Surge in Demand

H2i Technology has started taking order interest so it can deliver on the surge in market demand the Company has seen since releasing the test results, which showed substantial emission reductions and fuel savings for diesel internal combustion engines.
The Company is already in advanced conversations with businesses interested in how the units can extend the operational life, reduce emissions, cut fuel costs and optimise the efficiency of their existing diesel infrastructure.
The Company’s team of world-renowned engineers ran the testing on a 250KVA diesel generator loaded with 130KW to simulate the diesel generators being used in commercial applications.

The testing showed:

  • Reduced emissions of diesel internal combustion engines with:
    • Reduced exhaust smoke by 49%.
    • Reduced exhaust opacity by 50%.
  • Cut fuel usage by 11%, with the potential to reach 20% on some older engines.
  • Savings of ~ $90,000 per unit on fuel costs each year when running a 250KVA generator, with more significant savings on larger-scale diesel engines.
  • Each unit will cut carbon emissions by 300 tonnes per year.
  • Allows companies to access the lucrative carbon credits system.
  • Interest from underground mining companies as the smoke reduction carries major health benefits for their employees working on-site.
The Company will be launching its Series B Capital Raise to fund the development of a commercial prototype, which will be ready for market in Q4 2022.
Make sure to register your investment interest now so you do not miss out on this advantageous opportunity.

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