H2i Technology manufactures its first commercially-ready hydrogen injection units

H2i Technology's "black box" system has the proprietary software to manage the injection of hydrogen into a diesel engine.
United H2 Limited (UHL) is pleased to announce one of the companies in its Group, H2i Technology, has manufactured its first 10 commercially-ready hydrogen injection kits locally in Victoria, which it will use to run field testing with potential customers.
The hydrogen enhancement system H2i Technology has developed has the hardware and proprietary software to manage the injection of hydrogen into a diesel engine to significantly reduce emissions and cut fuel costs.
H2i Technology is now working full steam ahead towards executing trials with five potential customers across the steel manufacturing, agriculture, construction, mining and hospitality/tourism industries.
Our team was one of the founding shareholders of H2i Technology, and we are extremely proud of what it has achieved. Given the momentum it has, we believe H2i Technology is on track to deliver significant value for UHL shareholders.
H2i is a strong example of the power of the world’s largest hydrogen conglomerate, UHL’s, business-building strategy, which has seen it deliver $650m in market capitalisation across 11 companies and $24m in cash returns for shareholders.
Given its strong track record, UHL believes it is well-placed to deliver similar valuation growth across its 37 projects and companies.
Please contact UHL if you are interested in being involved with H2i Technology, UHL or any other of the 37 companies and projects in its Group.

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