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H2i Technology

H2i Technology

H2i Technology has developed an ultra-high-tech ‘black box’ system which has the software to manage the injection of hydrogen into diesel engines

With commercial tests showing its easily attachable, compact system can extend the operational life, reduce emissions, cut fuel costs, and optimise the efficiency of diesel engines, we are on track to have a prototype ready for market in Q4 2022.

Following the successful commercial trial of its state-of-the-art technology, the company is on track to have a commercial prototype ready for market and start field testing on potential customers’ sites in Q4 2022.

Once customers have been secured, H2i Technology will begin to seek a planned listing on a favourable exchange in Q1 2023 to finance increasing its global expansion.

After this, H2i Technology will develop its software further, so it has utility in mobility diesel engines and other fuel sources, which is due to be ready for market in Q4 2023.

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