H2X Global and KTM unveil revolutionary hydrogen van prototype

The world’s leading hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturer, H2X Global, in partnership with global automotive engineering firm KTM Technologies, has unveiled their groundbreaking Hydrogen Professional Van prototype at the recent Body Engineering Days Conference.
The announcement marks a major step forward for H2X, as the van will be its first fully designed and developed vehicle, giving it greater market speed and increased profitability.
The United H2 Limited (UHL) Team were originally 75% founding shareholders of H2X and used this position to build UHL’s global conglomerate with 37 projects and companies.
With several new projects underway, UHL is looking to leverage the momentum H2X has and sell a limited parcel of H2X shares so it can be reinvested back into the growth of the overall Group.
As per UHL’s business model, it looks to partially-exit its advanced companies and reinvest it back into growing the Group and early-stage companies.
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Global Overview

The partnership between H2X Global and KTM Technologies involves the two companies working together to develop innovative solutions for strong, lightweight vehicle bodies.
The conference was attended by more than 180 automotive industry experts representing leading vehicle manufacturers, including BMW, Tesla, Honda, and many other OEMs and suppliers.
The unveiling of the Hydrogen Professional Van prototype, presented by KTM on behalf of H2X Global, captured attendees’ undivided attention, sparking strong interest and in-depth discussions.
The unanimous sentiment among attendees was that H2X Global’s concept offered a “refreshing” perspective within the automotive industry, particularly for professional drivers.
H2X Global is currently in discussions with a key supplier who will verify and validate H2X Global’s current project status, emphasising their expertise in roll-forming T4/T6 aluminium sheets, a pivotal element in the manufacturing process.

Other H2X Highlights:

  • H2X has generated its first revenues, built a US$300m book of purchase intent agreements, and commenced global commercialisation.
  • H2X currently has an estimated US$25m in firm purchase orders.
  • H2X recently secured a US$57m cornerstone investment agreement from Verde Mobility, which will drive the rapid deployment of its cutting-edge vehicle range to customers in Asia, India, Australia, and Europe and underpin its plans to seek a public listing on the London Stock Exchange in next 12 months.
UHL looks forward to holding a partial position in H2X through to its plans to seek a listing on the London Stock Exchange.
The UHL team were founding shareholders of H2X and are excited by what the next 12 months will bring.
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