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H2X Global

H2X Global was founded on a shared vision to harness the power of renewable energy to take the automotive sector into industry 5.0. The company’s mission is to create Australia’s first hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle manufacturing company.

Having already gotten several thousand of these emission-free vehicles on the road, we are poised to help Australia decarbonise the automotive industry and disrupt the market through cutting-edge technology.

Their team of renowned experts have quickly built the foundations of an ecosystem set to provide Australia with a new and vibrant, internationally competitive sector. H2X will be producing multiple light equipment vehicles using a proprietary H2X fuel cell and powertrain system.

H2X’s current range of groundbreaking products includes a van, minibus, SUV and ute. These are expected to be ready for sale in the coming years, as a network of hydrogen-related transport infrastructure is implemented worldwide.

Their global strategy is focused on growing hydrogen fuel cell transport markets emerging in key regions — Asia, North America, and Europe. The company has already signed a series of lucrative joint ventures in India, Sweden and Sarawak, along with deals with major plays like KTM Technologies and ADVIK.

H2X Global has assembled a leading team of industry veterans, who were invited to speak at the COP26, with proven track records in delivering commercial hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to a mass consumer base. As a result, we clearly understand the challenges ahead and are ready to seize the countless opportunities as net-zero becomes a universal standard worldwide.

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