H2X has signed an MoU with a South Korean partner to advance revolutionary technologies

H2X Global continues to add value to the UHL Group after signing an MoU with a South Korean oxygen concentrator manufacturer, NF Co. Limited, to advance hydrogen fuel cell and cutting-edge cabin integration technologies.
The UHL team originally owned 75% of H2X and used its proven strategy to build it into the world’s leading hydrogen vehicle company, starting from a valuation of zero to $100m.


  • Technical Collaboration: H2X and NF are partnering to manufacture hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and fuel cell power applications across various service sectors.
  • Innovative Cabin Integration: A revolutionary aspect of this collaboration is the integration of NF’s oxygen concentrator into H2X vehicles. This concentrator, capable of delivering around 90% oxygen, is positioned to face the driver, creating an oxygen-rich environment inside the vehicle, approximately 40% higher than typical levels. This innovation aims to keep drivers alert, awake, and potentially happier during their journeys.
  • Feasibility and Testing: Both parties have agreed to collaborate on feasibility studies and testing, with the goal of infusing the same level of sustainability found in H2X vehicles into the cabin. This initiative is not only about providing cleaner vehicles but also about enhancing the quality of life for drivers.
  • Environmental Impact: The collaboration will assess the environmental impact of these innovations, contributing to a more sustainable and holistic approach to mobility.
  • International Collaboration: H2X’s global reach and NF’s expertise will be leveraged to explore opportunities in various markets, fostering mutual growth.
UHL’s proven strategy has seen it create $650m in market capitalisation over the past three years, which the Company believes places it in a strong position to become the world’s first hydrogen unicorn and the market leader in a sector set to be worth US$201b by 2025.
H2X is just one of 37 companies and projects in the world’s largest hydrogen conglomerate’s Group.
Contact UHL today if you would like to be involved in its exciting Group.

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