How the UHL Team founded the world’s leading hydrogen vehicle company

The world’s largest hydrogen conglomerate, United H2 Limited (UHL), is globally renowned for its proven, systematic approach to identifying early-stage, high-growth enterprises and unlocking their potential.
One of our success stories is H2X Global, where the UHL Team played a pivotal role in building this business as the founding 75% shareholder.
Today, H2X stands as the world’s leading hydrogen fuel cell vehicle company. It has not only realised its first revenues but has also amassed a US$300 million book of purchase intent agreements and is commercialising its operations across Asia, Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom.
H2X has presently secured US$25.8 million in firm purchase orders, with projections indicating an impressive surge to US$978 million by 2026.
H2X’s recent achievement includes a cornerstone investment agreement of US$57 million from Verde Mobility. This landmark deal paves the way for the accelerated distribution of its cutting-edge hydrogen vehicle range to customers across Asia, India, Australia, and Europe.
Moreover, it will provide the necessary institutional backing needed to deliver a significant liquidity event through a planned listing on the London Stock Exchange.

The Backstory

H2X’s inception was made possible by UHL’s unique business model, leveraging our extensive network to explore opportunities in the hydrogen vehicle sector, always with the vision of becoming an early mover.
In June 2021, we formed H2X Global in collaboration with a team boasting experience in launching hydrogen vehicles, along with an engineer who played a significant role in Tesla’s early days.
Fast forward to May 2022, just 11 months after founding H2X, and the UHL Team accomplished a substantial partial-exit, securing A$7 million.
This significant milestone is one of many successes that laid the foundation for our current status as a global conglomerate, boasting 37 projects and companies with interests spanning 16 countries.
Our innovative business model has not only propelled H2X but also spurred the success of innovative companies such as Infinite Green, Titan Hydrogen, Aviation H2, and Patriot Hydrogen. Furthermore, our strategy has seen us create $650m in market capitalisation across the Group and deliver $24m in cash returns.
This is an exciting time for UHL as we look towards global expansion and bringing new projects into the Conglomerate, including:
  • Alpha H2 has hydrogen injection kits ready for market and is in the process of delivering its first units to customers.
  • PWRH2 has hydrogen fuel cell electric generators it will begin delivering to the market in 2024.
  • A hydrogen vehicle company focused on the delivery of vans to the market in 2024.
  • A hydrogen vehicle company focused on the delivery of trucks to the market in 2024.
  • Forming a joint venture with a proven technical partner that will deliver hydrogen refuelling infrastructure to the European, APAC and United Kingdom regions.
  • Forming a joint venture with a proven technical partner to deliver a natural hydrogen exploration company seeking to find underground deposits of the gas.
UHL looks forward to keeping you updated on its progress as it works towards its goal of becoming the world’s first hydrogen unicorn.
Please contact UHL today if you want to be a part of our journey and get access to our proven model for delivering value.

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