Hydrogen-fuelled future lands at Pioneer H2 with leadership launch and homegrown tech partner hunt

As the global race to net-zero carbon emissions begins in earnest, an Australian company is already powering ahead in the multi-billion hydrogen-fuel aerospace industry.

Pioneer H2 has begun placing together the final pieces in its executive puzzle, starting with the global search for both key leadership positions and a chief executive.
The Australian innovator says it’s also going through the process of selecting a lead technology partner to spearhead its central presence in Australia’s hydrogen-fuelled aerospace sector.
The company has already mapped out initiatives for its ground-breaking green hydrogen solutions to serve a variety of aerospace applications and lead the industry’s path towards a carbon-zero model.

Once in a lifetime opportunity

The spokesman said Pioneer H2 provides early access to a rapidly expanding sector through an Australian-first business model that is scalable across global markets.
“Executives and technology providers will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to redefine aerospace standards and decarbonise an industry worth over $298 billion through the development and commercialisation of state-of-the-art technology,” the spokesman said.
“As governments and companies commit to net-zero targets, we will provide an affordable and clean solution for a sector that contributes an estimated 4.9% to the global warming problem.”

Mission Australia: a US$200bn market

A Pioneer H2 spokesman said its mission is to enable Australian companies to benefit from the burgeoning hydrogen fuel market set to be worth US$201 billion by 2025.
“We will achieve this through state-of-the-art technology and working with homegrown businesses to develop sustainable energy strategies while cutting costs along the way,” the spokesman said.
“We know hydrogen is the fuel of the future, which is why we believe Australia’s journey to realising its full potential in a global multibillion-dollar sector starts with us.
“Our goal is to continue to build on this momentum and create an internationally competitive industry in Australia,” he added.
Source: This article has originally appeared on Stockhead


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