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Hydrogen Uses

Hydrogen Energy Australia: How We Can Change the World

Hydrogen is the most abundant resource on the planet and is seen as the most viable option for decarbonising multiple industries. For these reasons it is regarded as the fuel of the future, resulting in a substantial increase in green hydrogen production to meet the growing demand for a variety of industries around the world.

Currently, Liberty Energy Capital is working with its partners to develop an end-to-end green hydrogen industry within Australia.

Revolutionising the Electric Vehicle Market

As technology advances, hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles are becoming a more viable option for both personal and commercial use. These advancements are assisting the mainstreaming, low-cost, and practical use of fossil-fuel-free vehicles.

We’re working with our partners to create a complex network of refuelling stations across Australia to speed up the transition to carbon-free hydrogen-powered transportation.


  • Electric batteries are too large for industrial vehicles and aircraft, hydrogen solves this problem.
  • Can Go Twice The Mileage Of Battery-Run Vehicles, Due To A Similar Chemical Reaction To Rockets.
  • Hyzon Motors estimates that 100,000 hydrogen-powered trucks will be on the road by 2030, while in 2019, there were 30,000 fuel cell forklifts operating in the United States.

Green Hydrogen Production Supports Traditional Renewables

Two of the most common renewable energy sources are solar and wind. However, their operation is reliant on weather cycles beyond our control. As a result, they must be ‘firmed’ in order to consistently deliver power.

Green hydrogen companies in Australia can provide the stability needed for these power grids to function reliably by storing hydrogen-generated electricity.


  • Hydrogen can be used for seasonal storage, demand response, and any other purpose.
  • KPMG estimates that by 2050, electricity prices in some areas will be as low as $27 per MWh.
  • Hydrogen power systems, according to the Australian government, are already cost-competitive with diesel-solar hybrid and solar-battery systems.

Green Hydrogen Systems Wil Replace Diesel

As hydrogen technology advances, the gas is expected to supplant diesel as the prefered fuel for construction sites, hospitals, and remote communities. Hydrogen provides industries that require fast, mobile, and dependable power with affordable, low-maintenance, and high-capacity green energy using the most up-to-date technology.

Green hydrogen energy in Australia will provide reliable power for industries currently reliant on deteriorating diesel systems as refuelling stations are built and costs are reduced.


  • Hydrogen will transform remote area power systems into cutting-edge renewable energy hubs.
  • Diesel accounts for 41% of the Australian mining sector’s transportation and power generation, indicating strong early market demand.
  • Hydrogen is being dubbed the “new diesel,” and the Australian government expects it to be a commercially viable fuel source by 2025.

Decarbonising Multiple Industries

For the majority of countries around the world, committing to net-zero emissions has become the norm. As expectations grow, hydrogen is seen as one of the strongest options for achieving this goal. Companies around the world are focusing on net-zero emissions goals, meaning the industry must shift to newer, cleaner energy sources.

Together we can lead Australia’s transformation from high emissions power to clean hydrogen.


  • Green hydrogen replaces fossil fuels, resulting in a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Clean diesel emits a significant amount of carbon, whereas green hydrogen emits none.
  • Technology can be used to help decarbonise the energy industry by assisting in the fueling of renewables, such as wind and solar.

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