Investor Webinar: UHL To Announce Major Global Deals

Webinar Overview

The United H2 Limited (UHL) Board of Directors invites you to join them on a video conference at midday (AEST) on Thursday, 7th September 2023, where they will be announcing major global deals, which will provide significant growth to the overall valuation of the Group.


  • Date: Thursday, 7th September 2023.
  • Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm AEST.
  • Where: Online via Microsoft Teams.
  • How to attend: Click here and add to your diary.
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Group Update:

  • Announcement of major global deals that will provide significant growth to the overall valuation of the Group.
  • Tracking to add several new companies with established technology partners or products to the Group. 
  • UHL is three months into the listing process and has started the prospectus.  
  • Expansion plans into Europe, the United Kingdom and North America. 
  • Investor roadshow in North America. 


As it moves towards a planned listing, UHL intends to increase the value of its Group, which features a significant position in 37 hydrogen companies and projects covering all sections of the market from production through to end-use.
UHL’s unique business model involves collaborating with technical partners to establish companies focused on developing technology for the rapidly expanding hydrogen sector.
With these partners, UHL actively builds and nurtures these businesses to generate substantial returns within a time frame of 18-24 months.
UHL provides investors with the opportunity to benefit from its proven strategy, which has generated over $650m in market capitalisation across 11 hydrogen companies and $24m in exits, with each company starting from a zero valuation.

Some of UHL’s success stories include:

  • Founding shareholder & investor in H2X Global, taking it from a valuation of zero to A$103m. H2X now has a range of vehicles available & US$300m worth of purchase agreements.
  • UHL believes the recent A$86m cornerstone investment by Verde Mobility means H2X has the funding required to deliver a significant IPO on the London Stock Exchange along with achieving its operational milestones.
  • A founding partner in Infinite Green, taking it from a valuation of zero to A$315m.
Given this strong track record, UHL believes it is well-placed to deliver similar valuation growth across its 37 projects and companies.
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UHL’s investor presentation and details on how to invest in the Company are available upon request.

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