New H2X Vehicle Receives Positive Review From Carsales.com

The world’s leading hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturer, H2X Global, recently unveiled its first fully designed vehicle, the Darling Van, and it received a positive review from one of the world’s biggest automotive websites, CarSales.com Limited.
H2X developed the vehicle in partnership with global automotive engineering giant, KTM Technologies.


  • H2X is claiming the prototype will cover up to 400km on a full tank of hydrogen before needing refuelling, making it competitive with battery-electric offerings like the Mercedes-Benz EQV (418km WLTP).
  • The Hydrogen Professional Van features a wealth of practical and tech-savvy features, including sliding side doors and rear barn doors, 5G connectivity, a 360-degree camera and all the usual driver aids like blind spot monitoring, aero wheels and LED exterior lighting.
  • While H2X was primarily responsible for the powertrain development, the partnership between it and KTM is focusing on the development of strong and lightweight vehicle bodies made from rolled T4/T6 aluminium.
  • Word is the Hydrogen Professional Van was one of the conference’s big talking points, with H2X Global co-founder and chief design officer Chris Reitz declaring the “overwhelming response” an acknowledgement of the firm’s “pivotal role in pioneering hydrogen mobility solutions”.
The announcement marks a major step forward for H2X, as the van will be its first fully designed and developed vehicle, giving it greater market speed and increased profitability.
With its unique origami chassis and plug-and-play powertrain, the Darling Van reduces manufacturing costs, improves profit margins, and delivers a top-notch vehicle with stellar operational outputs. Once complete, H2X will roll this out across multiple vehicle classes.
The United H2 Limited (UHL) Team were originally 75% founding shareholders of H2X and used this position to build UHL’s global conglomerate with 37 projects and companies.
With several new projects underway, UHL is looking to leverage the momentum H2X has and sell a limited parcel of H2X shares so it can be reinvested back into the growth of the overall Group.
As per UHL’s business model, it looks to partially-exit its advanced companies and reinvest it back into growing the Group and early-stage companies.

Other H2X Highlights:

  • H2X has generated its first revenues, built a US$300m book of purchase intent agreements, and commenced global commercialisation.
  • H2X currently has an estimated US$25m in firm purchase orders.
  • H2X recently secured a US$57m cornerstone investment agreement from Verde Mobility, which will drive the rapid deployment of its cutting-edge vehicle range to customers in Asia, India, Australia, and Europe and underpin its plans to seek a public listing on the London Stock Exchange in next 12 months.
UHL looks forward to holding a partial position in H2X through to its plans to seek a listing on the London Stock Exchange.
The UHL team were founding shareholders of H2X and are excited by what the next 12 months will bring.
Please click the button below to contact UHL today so you can register your interest and receive further details about this rare offer.

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