New hydrogen companies to deliver growth globally

One of the hydrogen fuel cell generators UHL has recently secured global distribution rights for.
The world’s largest hydrogen conglomerate, United H2 Limited (UHL), is moving forward with its plans to pursue the United Kingdom, European and North American markets with a series of new deals.
Over the next month, UHL plans to finalise joint ventures with proven technical partners that already have hydrogen products ready for market.
One of the most recent new businesses added to the growing UHL Group of 37 projects and companies is PWRH2, which has exclusive global rights to sell hydrogen generators across the world.
The several new deals UHL is on track to sign will deliver new companies to UHL with products ready for market, including trucks, vans, injection kits, hydrogen refuelling infrastructure & generators, which will add significant value to the Group.
UHL’s proven strategy has seen it create $650m in market capitalisation over the past three years, which the Company believes places it in a strong position to become the world’s first hydrogen unicorn and the market leader in a sector set to be worth US$201b by 2025.
Contact UHL today if you would like to be involved in its exciting Group.

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