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Christof Mayer

B.E. Struc RPEG 6545 | Meng (IA)

Originating from the industrial heartland of Saarbrücken, Germany, Christof Mayer joined a fledgling engineering firm in 1989 from where he logged an intense career in Heavy Machinery Engineering and gained extensive experience in design, structural analysis, mechanical engineering, plant diagnosis and rectification.

Christof Mayer nurtures the engineering fundamentals and has taken his extensive design experience directly to the business end of resource operations. His meticulous approach yields efficient concepts which he then builds on with technology.

Moving on he found success in the engineering business. The body of work done by his companies has had a significant influence on the practices in major shut operations.

Known for his ability to have a far reaching perspective as well as an eagle’s eye for detail, Christof will ensure Aviation H2 has the right people, process and expertise to keep the company safe, on track and moving in the right direction.

For nearly a quarter of a century, Christof has focused on large-scale materials handling equipment. Within this field, he has been able to gather extensive experience in design, analysis, construction and maintenance.

As a designer, he has been pivotal in numerous ground-up greenfield designs as well as construction, big lift, upgrade and maintenance engineering projects.

This is well complemented with numerous placements in project and construction management as well as countless break-down and maintenance sorties.

Combining such expertise and hands-on experience leading countless engineering firms, Christof is perfectly qualified to help build Australia’s first hydrogen-powered plane.

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