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David Marston

David Marston

David Marston

Australia's most accomplished diesel mechanic

David Marston has worked in the automotive industry for over 40 years owning and running repair workshops of various sizes. Currently, he is focused on new methodology and vehicle technology.

Hydrogen technology is an area fueling his passion for innovation which has seen him design, deliver and service equipment and travel internationally to train and liaise with governments and investors.

David Marston is the National President of the Australian Automotive Repairers Association, on the Board and Governing Council of the MTA and the Chairman of the NSW Automotive Mechanical Repair Division.

As an Automotive specialist used as an Expert Witness by legal and other bodies, a Master Mechanic of the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers, a Professional Educator, holding a Bachelor of Vocational Education and Training, with several Cert IVs in Logistics/Business Management, David has taught automotive studies within TAFE, the Motor Traders Association (MTA) and other accredited bodies.

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