Ten reasons why hydrogen fuel outperforms battery electric

Liquid Ammonia Is the Carbon-free Fuel of Choice for Aviation H2 web
Aviation H2's Principal Engineers inspect the engine of a jet they intend to convert to their hydrogen carrier of choice, liquid ammonia.
As the world grapples with the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat the carbon challenge, the transition to cleaner and more sustainable modes of transportation is paramount.
In this context, the heavy transport industry, encompassing trucks, buses, ships, aircraft and other large forms of commercial transport, plays a crucial role in the global economy.
According to the International Energy Agency, transport has the highest reliance on fossil fuels of any sector and accounted for 37% of carbon dioxide emissions from end‐use sectors in 2021.
Although battery electric vehicles are being used increasingly, they do not yet provide a commercially viable solution to decarbonising the heavy transport industry.
For this reason, United H2 Limited believes hydrogen presents a compelling case for powering heavy vehicles, ships and aircraft, offering a range of advantages over battery electric and traditional fossil fuels.
In this discussion, we will explore the key advantages of hydrogen, including longer operational ranges, faster refuelling times, higher payloads, high energy density, and independence from the grid for refuelling.
Additionally, we will delve into concerns related to sourcing materials for battery electric vehicles, scalability and existing infrastructure, the transportability of hydrogen, flexibility, versatility, and the potential for competitiveness with traditional fuels.
As one of the world’s largest hydrogen conglomerates, we are focused on delivering transformative hydrogen products which will provide carbon-free solutions for the aviation, marine, passenger vehicle, heavy vehicle, and railroad industries.
Some of our revolutionary hydrogen transportation companies and projects include H2X Global, Aviation H2, Titan Hydrogen, and TrainsH2Power.
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