Testing on hydrogen injection kits shows significant fuel reduction

One of Alpha H2’s kits which can be retrofitted onto internal combustion engines.
Are you looking to reduce fuel costs?
Testing on Alpha H2’s hydrogen injection kits — a new company in the United H2 Limited (UHL) Group — shows the technology can significantly reduce fuel and emissions while helping users cut costs.
Alpha H2’s retrofittable hydrogen injection kits can be connected to diesel or petrol internal combustion engines to reduce fuel usage by up to 20% and minimise your carbon footprint.
The kits use electrolysers to produce the hydrogen onboard and inject it into the engine to replace fuel & reduce emissions. Given the significant fuel savings, the units will help ease cost of living pressures and generate a return on investment for customers.
The units can be used for all types of engines and applications, including trucks, boats, cars, generators, utes, vans and heavy machinery.
Please contact UHL now if you would like to secure an order and see the test results below.

Test Results

Alpha H2’s hydrogen injection system has been proven and trialled across multiple engines through a series of comprehensive tests across different brands, models, and years.

See below the results of one of those tests on a truck.

The first test without the system installed

  • Average L/100km: 33.5L
  • Consumption: 50.5L
  • Distance: 150.9km

The first test without the system installed

  • Average L/100km: 27.8L
  • Consumption: 42.0L
  • Distance: 150.6km
  • Result: Fuel economy improved by 17%
From many tests such as this, it was found that the trucks using the hydrogen truck kit can improve fuel economy by 10-18%, while cars can be improved by 15-20%.
Please note these are internal tests only.
Please contact UHL now if you would like to secure an order so you can begin reducing your fuel costs.

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