The International Air Transport Association’s road map to net zero highlights hydrogen as a critical contributor

Aviation H2 Director, Dr Helmut Mayer, explains modifying a jet engine so it operates off carbon-free fuels.
Aviation H2 is thrilled with the recent release of the roadmap to net zero by The International Air Transport Association (IATA). The report provides a clear pathway for achieving carbon neutrality in the aviation sector. Notably, the report highlights hydrogen as a key avenue to achieving this monumental goal.
With IATA representing approximately 83% of global air traffic, their recognition of hydrogen as a vital solution is a significant endorsement of the technology Aviation H2 is developing.
Aviation H2 has strategically chosen liquid ammonia as its preferred hydrogen carrier. By converting existing jets to utilise liquid ammonia, the Company aims to overcome the challenges associated with hydrogen storage and transportation.
Liquid ammonia has several advantages over gaseous or cryogenic hydrogen, including a higher volumetric hydrogen content, easier handling and storage, and existing infrastructure for its production and distribution. This strategic choice positions Aviation H2 at the forefront of innovation, as no other industry players are currently exploring this novel solution.
To ensure its technology is not limited to one fuel, Aviation H2 is developing its conversion model so it also has use cases with hydrogen, which will ensure the product delivers on the specific demands of different customers.
As the aviation sector embraces hydrogen as a viable and sustainable fuel, Aviation H2 remains dedicated to driving the transition towards a greener, more environmentally friendly future for the industry.

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