Trojan H2 Logistics is Searching for a Technology Partner

Trojan H2 Logistics is currently seeking a technology partner to drive its ambitions to become a leader in hydrogen transportation in Australia by developing the country’s first molecular storage, haulage and distribution company.
The company plans to use cutting-edge solutions to transport green hydrogen for a variety of applications and place multiple industries on a path toward a carbon-zero model.
Trojan H2’s overarching strategy will capitalise on increasing global demand for green hydrogen to offer an affordable, clean service for transporting the gas, which is viewed as one of the most viable avenues to decarbonising economies.

The Opportunity:

  • A rare chance to be the first company to commercialise a mode of transport for a energy source tipped to be the fuel of the future and reach a market valuation of US$201b by 2025.
  • Trojan H2 provides early access to this expanding sector through an Australian-first business model that is scalable across international markets.
  • Large, long-term contracts are expected for businesses that can commercialise their operations in the next five years.

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