UHL Features As The Headline Story In Forbes Australia

Global hydrogen conglomerate, United H2 Limited, has given an in-depth interview with Forbes Australia on its planned listing and ambitions to become the world’s first hydrogen unicorn.
  • Details of how its disruptive business-building model, involving forming joint ventures with technical partners, has delivered A$24m in cash returns to shareholders.
  • The story behind how UHL founded H2X Global and implemented its strategy to take it from a valuation of zero to A$100m-plus, with an A$86m funding deal that will support the delivery of a US$300m order book and London Stock Exchange listing.
  • How UHL believes it is inevitable it will become the world’s first hydrogen unicorn as it has 28-plus companies in its pipeline, and its proven strategy has delivered A$650m in market capitalisation across 11 companies.

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