United H2 Limited Group October Wrap Up 

Welcome to the United H2 Limited (UHL) Group October Wrap Up, where we will provide an update on the 37 hydrogen companies and projects associated with the world’s largest hydrogen conglomerate, which has a presence across 16 different countries.
This is an exciting time for UHL as we look towards global expansion into the North American, United Kingdom and European markets, while also bringing new projects into the Conglomerate, including:
  • Alpha H2 has hydrogen injection kits ready for market and is in the process of delivering its first units to customers.
  • PWRH2 has hydrogen fuel cell electric generators it will begin delivering to the market in 2024.
  • A hydrogen vehicle company focused on the delivery of vans to the market in 2024.
  • A hydrogen vehicle company focused on the delivery of trucks to the market in 2024.
  • Forming a joint venture with a proven technical partner that will deliver hydrogen refuelling infrastructure to the European, APAC and United Kingdom regions.
  • Forming a joint venture with a proven technical partner to deliver a natural hydrogen exploration company seeking to find underground deposits of the gas.
See below for an update on the progress we have been making towards achieving our goal of becoming the world’s first hydrogen unicorn. Please contact us today if you would like to be involved in any of these projects or our exciting journey.

Hydrogen Injection Company Alpha H2 Launches

One of Alpha H2’s kits which can be retrofitted onto internal combustion engines.
UHL launched Alpha H2 Limited to supply hydrogen injection kits to a global market of fuel-intensive industries looking for an immediate solution to reducing fuel costs and emissions.
Given the significant fuel savings, the company believes units will help ease the operating expenditure challenges business faces, which experts say are being created by record-high fuel prices, and generate a quick return on investment for customers.
Alpha H2 has a limited number of shares open to new investors who want to get involved before the Australian performance tests are completed and the kit is delivered to the Australian market with third-party data certification.
Alpha H2 is currently working with several pilot customers to deliver the first installations in Australia.
Please contact us if you are interested in investing in Alpha H2 or securing this first round of units.

Patriot Hydrogen is moving forward with a groundbreaking waste-to-energy project

Climate-tech waste-to-energy project developer, Patriot Hydrogen Limited (Patriot), is moving forward with its biomass clean energy project just outside Sydney in New South Wales, which is expected to be commissioned in 2024 and be the first of its kind in Australia.
The project will take the wood waste from an operating timber sawmill and convert it to renewable electricity & biochar through its state-of-the-art pyrolysis system. The timber mill is providing the land for Patriot to construct the plant and has signed a long-term offtake power purchase agreement to buy the zero carbon-clean electricity, helping it reduce energy costs and emissions.
The world’s largest hydrogen conglomerate, UHL, is globally renowned for its proven, systematic approach to identifying early-stage, high-growth enterprises and unlocking their potential.
One of our success stories is H2X Global, where the UHL Team played a pivotal role in building this business as the founding 75% shareholder.
Today, H2X stands as the world’s leading hydrogen fuel cell vehicle company. It has not only realised its first revenues but has also amassed a US$300 million book of purchase intent agreements and is commercialising its operations across Asia, Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom.
H2X has presently secured US$25.8 million in firm purchase orders, with projections indicating an impressive surge to US$978 million by 2026.
H2X’s recent achievement includes a cornerstone investment agreement of US$57 million from Verde Mobility. This landmark deal paves the way for the accelerated distribution of its cutting-edge hydrogen vehicle range to customers across Asia, India, Australia, and Europe.
Moreover, it will provide the necessary institutional backing needed to deliver a significant liquidity event through a planned listing on the London Stock Exchange.

Testing on hydrogen injection kits shows significant fuel reduction

One of Alpha H2’s kits which can be retrofitted onto internal combustion engines.
Alpha H2’s hydrogen injection system has been proven and trialled across multiple engines through a series of comprehensive tests across different brands, models, and years.
See below the results of one of those tests on a truck.

The first test without the system installed

  • Average L/100km: 33.5L
  • Consumption: 50.5L
  • Distance: 150.9km

Second test with the system installed

  • Average L/100km: 27.8L
  • Consumption: 42.0L
  • Distance: 150.6km
  • Result: Fuel economy improved by 17%
From many tests such as this, it was found that the trucks using the hydrogen truck kit can improve fuel economy by 10-18%, while cars can be improved by 15-20%.
Please note these are internal tests only.
Please contact us if you are interested in investing in Alpha H2 or securing this first round of fuel reduction units.

UHL forms a hydrogen generator business

One of the hydrogen fuel cell engines at the manufacturing site.
UHL formed a joint venture with an established hydrogen generator manufacturer, which will see it get exclusive global rights to sell hydrogen generators across the world.
  • UHL has executed the deal through one of the companies in its Group, Power Hydrogen Generation Limited (PHGL), which now owns 35% of the production company/manufacturing facility, generator IP and brand PWRH2.
  • UHL will use the PWRH2 brand to sell generators globally, specifically focusing on Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and North America.
  • The generators will have a power range of up to 135kW — increasing to 1MW in the next 9-12 months — which can support large industrial sectors, such as oil & gas, mining, construction, agriculture, manufacturing and other remote communities/sites.
  • PWRH2 is currently seeking off-takers and country-specific distributors/retailers, as it prepares to begin delivering products to market in Q1 CY24.
United H2 Limited’s Chairman, Richard Allen, has spoken with one of the world’s leading clean energy podcasts, Hydrogen Industry Leaders, about UHL’s plans to become a global leader in the hydrogen space.
Click the button below to listen and then click play on “Episode 15: The Role of the Conglomerate in the Hydrogen Industry”.
In the podcast, Richard provides an in-depth overview of:
  • Why hydrogen will play a key role in reaching net-zero targets and how UHL’s Group of 37 companies and projects will drive the industry forward.
  • Plans to expand into the United Kingdom and European markets so UHL can leverage the advanced hydrogen infrastructure in the regions to accelerate the delivery of products to market.
  • Why UHL’s unique business model and conglomerate is an attractive structure for a high-growth industry such as hydrogen, as it allows the Company to have first-mover advantages across every segment of the sector.

H2X signed an MoU with a South Korean partner to advance revolutionary technologies

H2X Global continues to add value to the UHL Group after signing an MoU with a South Korean oxygen concentrator manufacturer, NF Co. Limited, to advance hydrogen fuel cell and cutting-edge cabin integration technologies.
Patriot Hydrogen, a pioneering leader in clean energy and waste-to-energy projects, is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with Pure Biochar, a prominent provider of biochar solutions.
This groundbreaking partnership signifies a transformative step towards enhancing environmental sustainability and renewable energy solutions.
Under this visionary partnership, Pure Biochar will spearhead the local sale of biochar to the farming, agriculture, & industrial landscaping sectors. This strategic alignment will contribute to the enrichment of soil quality and boost crop productivity, all while reducing the carbon footprint associated with conventional agricultural practices.

Always searching for renewable energy partners

We are seeking partners and investors in the renewables space, focusing on hydrogen, so reach out to our team now to chat about the significant opportunities UHL presents.
We have a proven track record in building $100m-plus companies.
Please contact us today if you want to be a part of our journey and get access to our proven model for delivering value.

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