United H2 Limited Group 2023 Wrap Up

As we close out 2023, United H2 Limited (UHL) and its Group of companies have continued to go from strength to strength, following a series of deals, operational milestones and new ventures.
With momentum on our side, we plan to continue to build the world’s largest hydrogen, with the following investment opportunities currently available:
  • United H2 Limited as it heads towards its planned IPO, which will provide access to the capital needed to unlock the value of its 37 hydrogen projects and companies. The Company’s proven strategy has seen it create $650m in market capitalisation and deliver $24m in returns for shareholders.
  • Alpha H2, which since launching in October 2023, has received $15m in order interest from haulage fleets, buses, miners, and logistics operators across Australia, the Middle East, America and Europe, for its emissions and fuel cost reduction technology.
  • Voyager H2 Limited, which has launched a patent-pending hydrogen exploration technology. Because it owns the IP, Voyager H2’s model is scalable, which will allow it to secure multiple lucrative tenements across the world and compete with other exploration businesses such as Gold Hydrogen (ASX:GHY).
Please contact UHL now if you would like to invest in one of these companies.
We are strongly positioned to deliver more value in 2024 and commercialise hydrogen technology that will provide an economically viable avenue to decarbonising global industries.
We are passionate about helping businesses realise their full potential and connecting key players to drive impact at scale, so reach out if you have an idea or want to join us in the renewable energy revolution.
Look below for a wrap-up of what the UHL Group was able to achieve over the past year.

Patriot Hydrogen signs a term sheet with a leading merchant bank for a planned listing on the London Stock Exchange Listing

Patriot Hydrogen, a climate-tech waste-to-energy project developer, signed a term sheet with a leading merchant bank, Cronin Capital and its affiliates, to execute a planned listing on the London Stock Exchange in 2024.
As per the agreement, Cronin will raise pre-listing funding for Patriot to expedite Patriot’s foundation projects in Q4 of 2023 and lead the go-public financing and planned listing process in H1 2024. Following the planned listing, Cronin will remain mandated as Patriot’s advisor to support its continued growth in the public markets.
Patriot believes the deal will provide it with the early-stage capital needed to commission its first two waste-to-energy plants in the UK, followed by Australia in 2024, as well as provide critical project financing for the development of its extensive project pipeline across strategic jurisdictions, including Africa, to address local waste problems and convert them into valuable resources such as renewable energy, hydrogen and biochar.
Patriot has completed significant milestones in 2023 to advance the first two projects in the UK and Australia with local teams, engineering & EPC contractors, land, feedstock, and offtake partners secured.

Jeff Bezos Backs H2X

H2X Global was selected as one of 15 startup businesses participating in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Clean Energy Accelerator 3.0, designed to assist mature startups in accelerating the global decarbonisation process at scale.
As one of the largest shareholders UHL is extremely proud of what H2X has achieved, showing its revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell and power train stands above other companies in a highly competitive application process.
The Clean Energy Accelerator 3.0 will culminate with the Innovation Showcase at the United Nation’s COP 28, in November 2023 in Dubai, which will allow H2X to demonstrate its industry-leading hydrogen vehicles to world leaders.

United H2 Limited forms a hydrogen generator business & secures global distribution rights

UHl has formed a joint venture with an established hydrogen generator manufacturer, which will see it get exclusive global rights to sell hydrogen generators across the world.
Key highlights:
  • UHL has executed the deal through one of the companies in its Group, Power Hydrogen Generation Limited (PHGL), which now owns 35% of the production company/manufacturing facility, generator IP and brand PWRH2.
  • UHL will use the PWRH2 brand to sell generators globally, specifically focusing on Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and North America.
  • The generators will have a power range of up to 135kW — increasing to 1MW in the next 9-12 months — which can support large industrial sectors, such as oil & gas, mining, construction, agriculture, manufacturing and other remote communities/sites.
  • PWRH2 is currently seeking off-takers and country-specific distributors/retailers, as it prepares to begin delivering products to market in CY24.

H2i Technology manufactures its first commercially-ready hydrogen injection units

H2i Technology manufactured its first 10 commercially-ready hydrogen injection kits locally in Victoria, which it will use to run field testing with potential customers.
The hydrogen enhancement system H2i Technology has developed has the hardware and proprietary software to manage the injection of hydrogen into a diesel engine to significantly reduce emissions and cut fuel costs.
H2i Technology is now working full steam ahead towards executing trials with five potential customers across the steel manufacturing, agriculture, construction, mining and hospitality/tourism industries.

Titan Hydrogen announces fuel cell breakthrough

Titan Hydrogen, a leading innovator in fuel cell technology, commenced testing for a groundbreaking technical breakthrough.
After a successful 12-month period of lab trials on single PEM fuel cells, Titan Hydrogen has commenced testing a commercial fuel cell stack employing a novel class of polymer-inorganic composite nano-materials, which has the potential to provide an economically viable avenue to enhancing fuel cell performance.
Under the guidance of Dr Andrew Dicks, the Company’s Chief Technology Officer, the new material is currently being synthesised at the Queensland University of Technology. The primary objective is to optimise the design and achieve peak performance. Once this milestone is reached, the testing will be scaled up to real-world conditions.
The nano-material offers a cost-effective design for manufacturers to build fuel cells, which will allow Titan Hydrogen to address one of its biggest challenges in the fuel cell industry — economic barriers in production.
This advancement represents a significant step forward for Titan Hydrogen, as it creates an avenue for commercialising its fuel cell technology.
Given this, Titan Hydrogen is on track to deliver a patented technology that has the potential to increase fuel cell efficiency by 40-60 per cent. Once successful, this will position Titan Hydrogen’s product as one of the best-performing solutions on the market. 

Alpha H2 has received significant interest for its fuel and emissions reduction technology

Since launching in early October 2023, Alpha H2 has received significant interest from haulage fleets, buses, miners, and logistics operators across the globe.
With proven market demand, Alpha H2 is currently working with several pilot customers to deliver the first installations globally.
Overall, $20m has been invested into the development of this revolutionary technology, while Alpha H2’s manufacturing partner has already installed thousands of these units across the world.
The technology produces hydrogen on demand using onboard electrolysis, then directs hydrogen and oxygen directly into the air intake of an internal combustion engine to reduce fuel consumption by 20%, increase power and reduce exhaust emissions by up to 50%.
Please contact UHL if you would like to order a unit or invest.

Voyager H2 Seeks Tenements For Natural Hydrogen & Helium

Voyager H2 Limited is actively seeking tenements as it advances towards the commercialisation of its industry-leading hydrogen exploration technology.
Voyager H2 is also seeking investors to develop its patent-pending technology, so it can build the scale to deliver on the global demand for its hydrogen exploration system.
Voyager H2 has recently unveiled its groundbreaking patent-pending hydrogen exploration technology, which utilises a network of ground sensors.
One of the key advantages of Voyager H2’s technology lies in its scalability, empowered by the ownership of intellectual property (IP). This positions Voyager H2 to secure multiple tenements across the globe, which will allow it to compete with other exploration businesses such as Gold Hydrogen (ASX:GHY).
The Company believes the patent-pending technology it owns places it in a strong position when compared to other explorers, as it can offer tenement holders a discount on the sensors for equity in the tenement and share the profits if hydrogen deposits are found.
Voyager H2 will leverage this model to build up a book of revenue-generating production wells and secure large trade sales from equity in the tenements.
Additionally, it can generate revenues from the rental of the sensors, unlike other exploration companies which have to start producing to generate cash.
“We believe our patent-pending technology gives us a significant advantage over other exploration companies,” says a Voyager H2 spokesperson. “It allows us to pursue an aggressive tenement acquisition strategy globally, as it gives us the leverage needed to partner with landholders while the accuracy of the system minimises the risk of investing in drilling. This strategy is also underpinned by revenues from renting the system.”
The innovative methodology employed by Voyager H2 focuses on the detection of underground hydrogen leaks, which occur at 100,000 times the rate of hydrocarbon seeps.
For this reason, ground sensors are key to comprehensively surveying land for hydrogen and finding the optimal location to drill a well.
The system of multisensory devices analyses soil gases in real-time and sends data dozens of times a day to a central computer.
The computer uses a proprietary algorithm — analysing data continuously — to identify specific patterns that indicate a high probability of hydrogen deposits, which will minimise the risk of investing in drilling.
The Company’s current focus is to secure tenements in Europe, Australia, and North America. As a part of this initiative, Voyager H2 invites tenement holders and investors to collaborate on this exciting venture.
Please contact UHL if you have a tenement you would like to survey for hydrogen or want to invest in this exciting exploration business.

Always searching for renewable energy partners

We are seeking partners and investors in the renewable energy space, focusing on hydrogen, so reach out to our team now to chat about the significant opportunities UHL presents.
We have a proven track record in building $100m-plus companies, having delivered $650m in market capitalisation and $24m in cash returns for shareholders.
Please contact us today if you want to be a part of our journey and get access to our proven model for delivering value, which we plan to execute across our 37 hydrogen projects and companies.

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